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Company background

    DEMCO is a bonded demolition company with over 20 years of demolition service to the industry in South-western B.C. and the Western Provinces.  Our main focus of work is on Commercial and Industrial projects of concrete, steel and wood construction. At Demco our goals are to complete projects safely, on schedule and in the most cost-efficient manner for you our customer.
                         At Demco Disposal Service Ltd. we've been providing unrivalled service and quality to all our customers. Through the many years of service we have taken great pride in all the projects that we have undertaken.

     At DEMCO we are committed to safety at all our job sites. Due to the diversity of the many projects we have executed DEMCO has developed a safety format that is of  the most stringent level. This includes input and discussion from  all personnel involved in a project from the first safety meeting prior to commencing and on  an ongoing regular basis until completion.

     Our staff can help you understand the often confusing  rules and regulations which must be met when dealing with environmental issues.

     At DEMCO, recycling has always been a big part of the deconstruction process. This practice significantly reduces landfill volumes and can offer you a consistent reduction in the cost of your project.



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