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Demolition projects

   With any and all demolition projects safety is our #1 requirement.  DEMCO has performed many industrial and commercial demolitions with  many of our projects having been certified by Professional Engineers


The vital links of Railways & Shipyards   are necessary for a healthy economy.

Once the B.C. Justice Institute found a new location the old Jericho site was slated for demolition

To maintain good health care Hospitals require constant upgrading.

The demolition of the  Ford Motor Car  assembly plant was a major development to Metrotown

To offer all students a modern education some older Schools must be razed.

   By following the links to the left, you can see how DEMCO offers full service to satisfy the complexity of any major demolition project.

   Demco Disposal Service Ltd. is committed to responsible service in the field of demolition. It is from ground up training and experience that has led DEMCO to the HIGH level of safety, knowledge and maintenance so that we may perform all projects to everyone's satisfaction.

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