Recycling of Metal Buildings

    Specialized in the demolition of steel structures for many years DEMCO has tried to make the reuse of materials the main focus. Of the many steel components from a demolition project, a vast quantity can be reused. The energy required to forge steel in a furnace is high and this would make recycling the second choice after reuse. 


wpe14.jpg (5977 bytes)              There is almost always more than one way to recycle an item. This 60,000 square foot building deconstructed by DEMCO a few decades ago is an example of the  3 R's (reduce reuse recycle) long before the term was in use.
     The removal of steel corrugated siding and roofing material was reused at many locations throughout the lower mainland. Some of the uses included the original applications but others were somewhat modified from fences to movie sets in the film industry.          wpe19.jpg (8134 bytes)
wpe1A.jpg (7828 bytes)              After the outer skin of the warehouse had been removed, all parts of the skeletal structure of the building were marked for their location. When this was completed the building was then disassembled and transported to a new site for reconstruction.



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