Recycling of Concrete Buildings

     When DEMCO was asked in a survey by the University of British Columbia what type of  building construction should be used in the future, our choice was reinforced concrete because of its economy, versatility and the fact that it can easily be 100% recycled.


wpe11.jpg (18044 bytes)                   Professional Engineering along with diversity and flexibility are a standard on many DEMCO job sites. This concrete structure was not demolished in the way that most visualise a demolition, it was a process called reverse construction or deconstruction. At first glance one might believe that these pictures show a concrete building under construction. In reality this is 1500 tons of reinforced concrete being recycled.

Concrete wall and roof panels

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     Before the 40,000 pound roof beams can be lowered to the ground the many wall panels are braced. When the wall and roof is gone we can see that deconstruction was the best method to protect the small wood frame building next door.

     After 1500 tons of reinforced concrete was lowered to the ground, DEMCO put their Concrete Pulverizer to work. They made a 4 inch minus road base material from all the concrete and removed all the steel reinforcing for recycling.

    wpe15.jpg (20361 bytes)

Concrete roof and wall removal

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