Recycling of Wood Buildings

    When a wood frame or brick building is slated for demolition, the best method to obtain the maximum amount of reusable materials is the old method of hand wrecking.

wpeD.jpg (24494 bytes)               When a building is dismantled by hand it appears to just gradually disappears from the top down. This method requires more time compared to heavy machinery but at DEMCO we realize that a piece of machinery hasn't been made that can save a window, a toilet, a brick and a 2x4 in the same day. Every day that passes brings more of the building down and at the same time puts good used material into the resale market for future use in another project.

Brick by brick salvage work begins

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     Each of the items is sorted into their various categories for recycling or reuse. The wood is denailed and bundled, the bricks are cleaned and stacked, the metals are sorted for scrap or reuse. With all of this work we at DEMCO can see a lot less demand put on our environment from the supply of raw materials to the filling of our landfills.   wpe17.jpg (21174 bytes)

Floors and walls salvaged for reuse 

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