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     Recycling on a DEMCO site has always been a big part of the deconstruction process. DEMCO has always prided itself on being able to maximize our recycling procedures so as to bring the level of waste to a minimum.


Even the largest of Metal buildings can be reused.

Any Concrete structure can easily be 100% recycled.

Used Lumber & Bricks are a good alternative to buying new.

                                          By following the links to the left, you can see how   DEMCO has applied different methods of  recycling throughout our demolition history.

     While being able to provide an environmentally aware process, we can also pass on a saving to you our customer from the reuse / recycling of materials salvaged from your demolition project. This practice significantly lowers the flow of materials to our landfills and also reduces the burden put on our environment to supply natural resources.



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