Metrotown         Burnaby  B.C.


wpe53067.gif (31230 bytes)         Some times it is very difficult to remember the way a place was before a shopping mall was put there, these pictures show METROTOWN before it was built. The picture on the left shows Dave ( on the roof in front of the stack ) waving his hard hat in celebration of the toppling of the 100 foot steel   smokestack, which was a very exciting start to the demolition of  FORD's   Automobile Assembly Plant. The picture below is a view from skytrain looking north at the overall DEMCO site of the 50 plus buildings to be demolished. If you look closely you can see the smokestack still standing.
   Even with these before and after photo's of a demolition by DEMCO it is hard to describe the work that has been done because when we're finished, there's nothing left to show for it. Copy of metrotown site before.jpg (31004 bytes)

Before and After

station sq after demo_10comp.jpg (44738 bytes)



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