C.P. Rail         Coquitlam  B.C.


wpe3.jpg (23009 bytes)           DEMCO's recycling expertise was put into good  use. At the Canadian Pacific Railway yard there were many items that were reused, from the conveyer systems and steel beams to some of the silo's and the hammermill.  
     After all of the structures were removed there was the process of moving 10,000 cubic yards of gravel and grading the site in preparation for the new rail lines to be laid. wpe6.jpg (17670 bytes)

Surrey Fraser Docks         Surrey  B.C.

     One of the largest fires in the Lower Mainland's history was when the Surrey Fraser docks paper shed went up in flames.With millions of dollars lost, ship's in port and countries around the world waiting for paper. This warehouse demolition that covered acres was a number one priority for the international port and for DEMCO.

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