Royal Inland Hospital         Kamloops B.C.


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            The demolition of this four storey attached hospital wing required the skilled expertise of a qualified team. This meant a careful separation process while the hospital continued with patient care. During the demolition process the newly exposed area of the remaining structure was to be   insulated and covered. If you look closely at the 2nd picture you can see a small area of the basement that was retained. This required careful planning with constant communication on site to keep its status safe from the heavy equipment. As you can see a site by DEMCO is always left in a tidy manner.

West Wing Before & After

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     Asked to return to Kamloops, DEMCO removed these two adjoining structures that bordered the hospital. DEMCO again was able to serve this client with the professionalism and skilled expertise of the qualified team  that they had come to expect. wpe3.jpg (10571 bytes)

East Wing Before & After

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